Care Instructions

Just as with real leather, your vegan ‘leather’ products need to be looked after and treated with care to keep them looking as beautiful as when you received them.

Keep out of direct sunlight
Faux leather can dry out if kept in direct sunlight for an extended time. Always keep your bag, suitcase or other Bon Voyage product out of the sun. This includes not leaving it on the car seat when parked outside and keeping it stored in your wardrobe at home instead of on a coat rack or chair.

Stain removal
Unlike animal fabrics, faux leather is non-porous so stains are unlikely to penetrate the surface. That means your product will be easier to clean but please do not ever use bleach. Bleach is the enemy of faux leather as it will dry out the material, affecting its structural integrity and leaving it more vulnerable to stains in the future. Prevention is always better than cure; avoid allowing coffee, wine, open pens, markers and makeup, and other staining substances from being used in close proximity to your Bon Voyage product. If a stain does occur, weigh up whether you can overlook the mark before considering trying to remove it.

How to clean your Bon Voyage products
For general cleaning, you only need to wipe gently with a soft cloth in a circular motion. Scrubbing and brisk rubbing with abrasive sponges can cause the faux leather to crack and may not remove any marks or obvious soiling.

Once a month, simply wipe down your product with a dampened lint-free cloth and finish by drying with a clean microfibre cloth.